HCM -Analyze

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had a dramatic impact on the cost of employer subsidized health coverage. HealthCostManager (HCM) is a comprehensive suite of solutions for the analysis and tax filing around The ACA.

HCM – Analyze is a report creation engine designed to support the complex decisions around sponsoring a company’s health plans in a post ACA environment. HCM Analyze’s unique analysis helps you access the financial impact of various health plan sponsorship scenarios to arrive at the optimal employee contribution strategy. This tool takes into consideration several emerging factors including: new ACA calculations for rates structures, taxes, household income, Medicaid and Medicare eligibility, and all potential penalties.  All of this data is presented in a format that is easy to digest and will help you shape the direction of your firms HR practices.

ACA Calculation

In this report you will find analysis across a broad range of measurements including:

  1. Plan cost analysis
  2. Full ACA Financial Assessment
  3. Pay vs. Play for employer and employee
  4. SHOP Exchange calculation for smaller employers
  5. Assessment of health plan cost, Exchange cost and subsidy amount by employee
  6. Market assessment of competitive Exchange plans for all employee geographies
  7. Excise Tax projections
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