HCM File System Updates for 2016

To make your experience with HCM even better for 2016, below are the enhancements we are implementing in the latest edition:
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  • eFiling and corrections will now occur directly through HCM This will make it easier and more transparent to monitor, edit your filing and make corrections.  The enhanced corrections section provides a status update of your latest filing with the IRS by FEIN, requested next steps as well as any specific due dates.
  • eFiling and correction Fees will be included in your annual subscription  For 2016 and beyond you will not have to pay for corrections after filing with the IRS. You simply login, make your corrections and move on with your day.
  • Better Login Experience For 2016 there will be an improved process to generate passwords and reset them if you forget yours
  • A Better Workbook The new workbook is unlocked, so you can sort and modify your data easily.  The workbook now also allows up to 12 status changes for employees coming on and off coverage throughout the year.
  • Census Download Feature will allow you to reproduce the latest version of the census workbook with the last data upload that was conducted. This means you do not necessarily need to store workbooks on your local machine and clients with low turnover can reproduce the 2016 workbook with the latest data. Employees that terminated in the previous year will be left off.
  • Simplified Class Structure You will no longer need to figure out if Cobra and retiree employees belong in a full or partial year class — the system will do that for you.
  • Enhanced Data Validation Additional validation algorithms are built into HCM so errors are caught well before you file with the IRS
  • Improved Workflow  For clients who want to streamline the upload process, the new workflow will allow you to upload directly into the HCM portal, eliminating the need to go through your Account Manager for small changes.
  • Greater Flexibility with Data Collection Starting in 2016 HCM File will be able to calculate dates of termination directly in the system. This means you can simply provide us with the date of employee termination and not be required to determine when coverage ended. In addition, you will no longer be needed to provide dependent dates of coverage as long as they match the same effective date or waive date of the employee.
  • Ability to Override coding in the system. While we are confident the coding on your employees 1095 forms will be correct, we will offer the flexibility to override codes prior to sending forms and filing with the IRS.
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